6 Hot X Buns

When you think about Easter there are several foods that spring to mind, but the one product that stands out is the Hot Cross Bun.

Hot Cross Buns are now sold all year round, however the Christian tradition was to eat them only on Good Friday. In the late 16th century Queen Elizabeth 1 passed a law stating that the sale of buns, spiced cakes, bread and biscuits in London was limited to funerals and the Friday before Easter and Christmas, and thus the tradition for Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday was born.

We bake a traditional style Hot Cross Bun which is spiced and loaded with sultanas, currants and mixed peel, piped with a cross on top, and covered in a spiced glaze.  Try them sliced in half and covered with nutella or toasted and spread with butter and strawberry jam.

Available instore now priced at £1.75 for a pack of 6


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