Jam Doughnuts

This year we will be supporting National Doughnut Week. Just by purchasing our doughnuts you can help raise money for this fantastic charity. During the week for every doughnut we sell we will donate 5p to the charity.

National Doughnut Week is a unique opportunity for bakers, cafes and coffee shops across the UK to raise money for The Children’s Trust.


The Children's TrustThe Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury. It supports thousands of children and their families across the country every year. It provides rehabilitation, education, therapy and care at their specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey, helping them to make the best recovery possible after a serious accident or illness. They also provide community services and online support for families across the UK.

So, what could the money raised be used for?

£20 could pay for a horse riding session for one of the children.

£65 could pay for a switch-operated toy for children with limited motor skills to play with.

£300 could fund a specially adapted physiotherapy tricycle.

£670 could fund a multisensory bubble tube.

National Doughnut Week was founded in 1991 and to date £850,074 has been raised. Let’s try and make this year the best ever!!



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